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Payroll Administration

Risk Management

Reports & Record Keeping

Insurance Products

Employee Relations

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Payroll Administration

Payroll Taxes

Government Reports

Management Reports

Cost Controls

Record Keeping

Salary History

Payroll Processing

COBRA Administration

Vacation, Holiday & Sick Pay Controls

Paperwork Reduction

Direct Deposit

Risk Management

Safety Surveys

Claims Management

Record Keeping

Safety Compliance Issues

DOT Compliance

Drug Testing

Unemployment Insurance Controls


Reports & Record Keeping

Personnel Records

Pay History

Tax Records

Payroll Records

Immigration Records


Employee Relations

EEOC Compliance

Americans With Disabilities Act

(ADA) Compliance

(Wage/Hour) Compliance

Employee Discharge

Complaint & Grievance Programs

Fair Labor Standards Act


Available Insurance Products

Major Medical

Cancer Plan


Life Insurance

Disability Income Coverage

Hospital Supplemental Insurance

Accident Supplemental




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Also Available With Some PEO’s

General Liability Insurance

Tool Protection Insurance

401K Plan

Investment & retirement Programs